Naval architecture



Serie E.S.R.

E.S.R. 55 (Economic Sea Rider) is conceived according to our philosophy of ship-building and to the necessity of saving energy.

The distribution of the accomodation is very classical, leaving the best situation to a spacious wardroom open to the stern and equipped with an integrated kitchen.

Two roomy double cabins, very well equipped with writing desk and independent bathroom are located on the lower level, close to the center of gravity of the boat; the half-leveled upper independent wheelhouse enables to watch and steer the boat 24 hours a day.

Built in aluminium, with a ballast so as to increase the stability (and to make the stabilizers unnecessary), the boat can be equiped either with a 185 hp engine or with two 125 hp engines.

With two couples, it is the ideal boat for long cruises along the coasts, exploring all the countries in the world.