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Custom boats

Apart from all the series boats which are proposed by all the shipyards in the world, it is still possible to build - in specialized shipyards a sailing or motor boat which corresponds exactly to your precise expectations, which will integrate all your specifications- in particular your demands of conformity and great quality.

In this case the general process of conception and construction can be worked as follows:

- Preliminary discussion and listing of your wishes, your research, your demand and your budget.

- Formulation of a preliminary plan concerning the accomodation, outline and general distribution of volumes according to the first listing ; establishment of the main initial specifications and characteristics according to the plan.

- Presentation and discussion about the first designs.

- Definitive page setting of the project and agreement.

- Working out of the definitive building specifications, equipment, accomodation, finishing.

- Transmission of the design plans and specifications to different shipyards in order to obtain estimates of costs.

- Receipt and study of the estimates, then order to the chosen shipyard.

- Study of all the drawings : hull, construction, equipments, accomodation, superstructures, mecanical, power, fittings, deck hardware.

- Ship-building in the shipyar according to the provided drawings and specs.

- Supervising of the construction to check the conformity.

- Launching and trials, then definitive acceptance.

- Delivery of the boat.



Here are some examples of custom built boats:

Wooden sailing boat

Sloop racer cruiserSloop racer cruiser
"Vanda 53"

This racing-cruising sloop (16 m x 5.3 m) as been built in lamellated mahogany with a structure in lamellated mahogany, deck in lamellated plywood plus teack planking.

Weight about 14 tons including a 7 ton ballast, draught 2.60 m.

Accomodation proposes 9 berths in 4 cabins.

This boat is like a cabinet work...

Sailing boat Flores

This ocean cruising ketch is built in aluminium in a very robust way . It is a sea rover, riding gently in choppy seas, roomy and extremely sea-worthy : ideal for a family round the world sail, or for a holiday cruise in the Mediterranean.

Accomodation FloresAccomodation Flores
Flores sail planFlores sail plan