Activities and professional experiences

At the beginning...At the beginning...

Naval architect

- 1971: French Yard Voisin (Villefranche Sur Mer) Design office.

- 1972 - 2004: Design and building survey of different pleasure boats and fishing boats made of steel, light alloy, fiberglass and cold moulded wood, custom or serie built . About 250 built boats . (Lorient).

- 2001 - 2005: Design, drawing and building survey of trans-ocean trawler, long range , low fuel consumption "Ocean cruiser".



- Different sailboats along Atlantic and English Channel coasts (1980 - 2004).

- Fast power boats 20 to 30 m (Mediterranean 1980-2004).

- Expertises of Superyachts.

- Court expertises (South britain, France, 1980-2004).

- Trimarans 60’ class ORMA since 1999.

- Monohulls 60’ class IMOCA Vendée Globe 2000-2004.

Building surveys

- Monohull SILL 60’ (La Rochelle).

- 2 Multihulls 60’ Banque Populaire (La Forêt Fouesnant).

- Fast Power boat Mangusta (Italy).

- Carbon fiber mast for racing trimarans.

Refit and modification works

- 1978: Fishing trawler 24 m (Cherbourg).

- 1982: Car ferries: New decks and car bridges (Cherbourg).

- 1994 and 1998: Lengthening of a 90' sailing boat (Concarneau and Fort Lauderdale USA).

- 2003 and 2004: Lengthening of two 90' tuna boats (La Ciotat).

Technical Manager

- 1986-1987: Organisation of production of a naval yard (Arles).

- 1994: Quality Control Insurance Certificate (Nantes).

- 1996: Engines modification of a movie production plane (Canal + USA).

- 1997: After sale service organisation of an industrial plant (Birmingham GB).

- 2005: Optimization of energy systems onboard catamaran ORANGE II Bruno Peyron (Lorient).


- 1984: Crossing the English Channel with sailboards, France Inter, (Nicolas Hulot).

- 1986: Preparation Atlantic Ocean Dakar / La Guadeloupe with tandem sailboard Stephane Peyron and Alain Pichavant.

- 1987: Preparation, survey and routing of first singlehanded sailboard crossing of North Atlantic Ocean. Stephane Peyron.

- 1988: Preparator and navigator during the expedition of Stephane Peyron to the Magnetic North Pole. Canada.

- 1989: Preparation of an expedition to the Graham Peninsula , Antarctic. Stephane Peyron.

- 2000: Preparation, routing and survey of the first woman singlehanded sailboard crossing of Atlantic Ocean Dakar/martinique. Raphaela le Gouvello.

- 2002: Preparation, routing and survey during Mediterranean sea first woman singlehanded sailboard crossing Marseille/Tunis. Raphaela le Gouvello.

- 2003: Preparation, routing and survey during Pacific Ocean first woman singlehanded sailboard crossing Lima/Papeete. Raphaela le Gouvello.

Special works

1997: Design of propulsion and engine installation for the power trans-ocean multihull Olivier De Kersauzon (Concarneau).

- 1998: Design , drawings and buildind survey of modifications of a 85 m barge into a restaurant boat on the Seine river (Paris).

Industrial works

- 1977-1978: design of welded-steel systems (Cherbourg).

- 1985-1988: Technical manager of a sailboards building plant (Lorient).

- 1989-1992: Technical manager, injection made pieces for water control systems (Bordeaux).

- 1995: design and building survey of fiberglass tanks for water control and treatment Industry (Nantes).