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The logical result of thoughtful consideration, life-long offshore sea experience, and the absolute necessity to preserve our environment, the Trawlers designed by Guy Saillard are unlike any other boats.

They will make your dreams for ocean going come true and will give you numerous advantages without compromise:

  • Uncommon seaworthiness and smooth behavior regardless weather conditions, owing to the hull shape design derived from sailboats that grants greater stability and very good weight balance.
  • Strongly built with a simple and over scantling hull structure, and a thick marine grade Aluminum plating.
  • Maximum room and comfort, whether at open sea or during cabotage and coastal navigation by partition of the living, watching and sleeping areas, using spacious “home-like” strongly built furniture -- without superfluous luxury--, and a great quality of thermo-phonic insulation and ventilation preventing any condensation.
  • Efficiency, range: low running speed marine engines and large multi-blade highly efficient propellers guarantee a smooth and quiet running, a very low fuel consumption rate (approx : 0,06 liter/ton/nautical mile ) and a trans-oceanic range: these Trawlers are rated as “passage makers” in the USA.
  • Simplicity and self sufficiency: All the mechanics, electronics, power and plumbing systems are designed with great care for simplicity that results in easy and low maintenance. No matter outside conditions, sound insulated generators and water makers allow for long-range autonomy and complete freedom.
  • Safety: the design of the wheelhouse enables 360° visibility and 24h/day safe watching, while providing home-like living quarter at the same time.
  • Preservation of the environment: with minimal energy consumption to power and heat the boat, and with retention containers to store wastewater, these trawlers can thus cruise ecologically protected areas.

Their whole design reflects a humble yet appropriate response to the mightiness of the sea, respecting the environment, the people and the equipments, in search for simplicity and the delightful experience of living freely at sea, far away from the noise and the tumult of holidays and overpowered speedboats.

Regardless the size that best suits your needs, the trawlers designed by Guy Saillard will be customized according to your personal choices concerning the interior decoration and built by the best yacht builders under our rigorous quality control. Each boat is thoroughly tested at sea to receive complete and final approval before delivery.

Please, feel free to contact us for further information, quotation, building schedule and delivery.

Naval architecte: Guy SAILLARD - Cell: (33) 6 15 92 82 19 - Mail:

Interior designer: CB ecodesign - Cell: (33) 6 64 77 68 08 - Mail:

  T50 T55 T60 T82 T100
Length over all 15,00 m 16,80 m 18,28 m 25,00 m 30,49 m
Length on waterline 14,20 m 15,80 m 17,24 m 24,00 m 29,25 m
Maximum beam 4,90 m 4,90 m 5,0 m 5,40 m 6,50 m
Draft 1,80 m 1,85 m 1,90 m 2,05 m 2,35 m
Empty weight 16 T 21 T 29 T 54 T 95 T
Loaded weight 24 T 30 T 39 T 72 T 124 T
Cabins 2x2 2x2 3x2 5x2 6x2
Engine power 125 hp 180 hp 250 hp 340 hp 675 hp
Maximum speed 8,9 knts 9,3 knts 10,0 knts 11,7 knts 13 knts
Cruising speed 7,1 knts 7,5 knts 8,0 knts 9,4 knts 10,4 knts
Fuel tank capacity 4.000 l 5.000 l 6.000 l 9.000 l 23.000 l
Range 2.400 nm 2.500 nm 2.500 nm 2.500 nm 4.000 nm
Cruising consumption 12 l/h 15 l/h 19 l/h 33 l/h 58 l/h

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It is a world of passion, of precision, of infinite variety, of respect of men and their environment, of knowledge of the materials and techniques of building, a world of imagination, independence and experience.

The sea has been my province for 40 years...

You will find in the following paragraphs a few examples of works already carried out as well as a sketch of the various sailing boats or motorboats which I propose to build.

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